Simple and Sleek Tab Pulls

Friday, Nov 21 2014

Finding the right home hardware for your kitchen or bathroom can be tricky, but that's why we're to help you gain inspiration and pointers on what style to choose. One of the things to consider in picking out cabinet pulls or cabinet knobs, is how much space you have to work with. Another important factor, is the material that the cabinets are made out of, and the style they lend to the room. Tab Pulls are one style of cabinet pulls that give a clean, modern and more utilitarian style. They're also great because they don't take up a lot of space, or take away from the beauty of the cabinets themselves.

Brand Feature - The Sleek Versatility of Hafele

Saturday, Nov 15 2014

Hafele is definitely one of those home hardware brands that can do anything, anytime, anywhere and look good the whole time. Each style of cabinet knob or pull by Hafele has its own unique look, and some might look better along side some styles and themes better than others, but overall, they are extremely versatile. You need a smooth and geometric cabinet pull with crisp corners and a sleek surface? Hafele definitely has plenty of those that would fit the bill. You're looking for cabinet knobs that would go well with a slightly vintage theme in your bathroom? Hafele has that in spades. 


Swarovski Crystal Home Hardware

Thursday, Oct 30 2014

Are you looking to add some elegance to your home decor? If you can't quite afford to install a crystal chandelier in your dining room, or a fountain in you living room, Swarovski crystal home hardware will add just the right amount of decadence to any home.

Holiday Shopping Suggestions for Home Hardware

Tuesday, Aug 12 2014

Some particularly festive-looking styles might be what you want to see in your house all year long. Do you have the holiday season and all its wonderful decorations on your mind 365 days of the year? Here, we'll show you some styles that will echo the joys of the holidays in your home, long after the garland, tree and lights have been taken down. 

Choosing Home Hardware Finishes

Friday, Jul 18 2014

You might already have a basic idea of what you want your home hardware to look like, but with so many different types of finishes, it can still be a hard decision. There are so many great colors and textures to choose from — oil rubbed bronze, wrought iron, distressed nickel and so many more —  where do you start? Beside the shape and general style of your cabinet pulls, handles and other bits and pieces of hardware, the finish can make a huge impact on the overall look of the room. There really are no hard and fast rules to matching up the hardware finish to the colors of the light sconces, per se, but there are some very general guidelines to help you. If you are having a hard time choosing, this guide might turn on some lightbulbs to help you find the best home hardware for your

The Charm of Ceramic Accents in Home Hardware

Friday, Jul 18 2014

Ceramic cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls are a nice break from the metal finishes you expect to see in home hardware. There are also extremely versatile, and can come in all sorts of colors and designs. If you want a fun and unexpected pop of color and add more personality to your kitchen or bathroom, you can take a look at all the ceramic home hardware we have to offer. There are hundreds of design possibilities when it comes to ceramic knobs and pulls, as well as other types of home hardware and accessories. The ceramic part of the knob could be just an accent or design focal point, or it could comprise the entire shape of the piece. The Richelieu Classic knob featured above, has a beautiful “cracked” design to make it look old fashioned and to give it some character. Of course, it isn’t actually cracked, that’s just the design of the

Choosing Switch Plates

Friday, Jul 18 2014

When choosing decorative home hardware, many people don’t even think about their switch plates. Most of the time, we just accept the plain switch plate that came with the house or apartment, or grab a plain white or beige switch plate at the store to cover the otherwise unsightly holes in the walls. Why not go for a beautiful switch plate that matches the other hardware in the room? You never know what designs you could find in the way of switch plates, that could match your towel bars, cabinet knobs, or even the door stops. Featured:  Liberty Hardware Paisley Double Duplex Wall Plate You’ll even be able to find a specific color, finish or style in the type of switch plate that you need. So you need a combination switch plate that includes a GFI (ground fault interrupter) outlet and a toggle light switch, but you need an antiqued look that will go with your antiqued brass cabinet knobs

Hungry for Hardware; Happy Knobsgiving!

Friday, Jul 18 2014

A crisp chill in the air, loved ones traveling near and far, and the rapidly emptying grocery store shelves, there a hints of the season all around us; why not add some to your kitchen decor or bathroom decor!? You’d need more than one sitting to scarf your way through all the fall themed knobs and pulls we have in stock. So we’ve carved off a few of the choicest bites, to keep your cabinets as festive as your plate. Sit back, loosen your belt and enjoy this heaping helping of Thanksgiving themed cabinet hardware!   This bountiful bird had to be the first on our list. A Thanksgiving gathering is barely complete without a mention of the traditional fowl. You’ve probably had images of a succulent brown turkey passing through your mind all month; why not have them on your cabinets too? If you eat turkey on the big

Cabinet Hardware Frequently Asked Questions

Friday, Jul 18 2014

Here are some frequently asked questions, asked mainly by those who are interested in purchasing some cabinet knobs, pulls, hinges or other types of cabinet hardware from our online store. We’ve collected them all here for your convenience, so you won’t have to wait for a reply! There are also links to some of our previous blog posts that touch on these topics and will help answer your questions. Featured:  Rusticware Satin Nickel 1 1/4 Inch Classic Knob Why do some finishes not match from one brand to another? It’s true that finishes will not be uniform from one brand to another. The shade of polished chrome from one brand might be slightly lighter or darker, when compared next to a polished chrome cabinet pull from another brand. The best way to make sure your cabinet hardware matches, is to purchase them all from the same brand.   Alno Creations Rustic Drop Pull Antique Bronze Aw918-Abrz How can I narrow down my search for cabinet hardware?

Brass vs. Zinc

Friday, Jul 18 2014

BRASS VS. ZINC Cabinet Knobs and Cabinet Pulls – What’s the difference and which is right for me? Two common metals you’ll find when shopping for decorative hardware are zinc and brass. You might not notice a difference by just looking at it, but if you pick it up, you’ll find the brass is heavier, more solid and more expensive than the cabinet hardware made from the zinc alloy. You will find too that brass cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls, which is approximately 67% copper and 33% zinc is 20%-80% more expensive than a comparable piece of zinc die cast hardware, due in part to the price of copper. But does that make it better for you? Not necessarily. The vast majority of cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls on the market today are manufactured from die-cast zinc, but there are great selections of cabinet hardware manufactured from solid brass. We automatically think

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