Brand Feature: Taymor's Professional Elegance

Friday, Feb 20 2015

Taymor's line of bathroom accessories and home accents are all you'll ever need, especially if you want a clean and sleek look to all of your home hardware. Taymor's style is versatile, but their creations work well in most modern homes. Offices and other public places with a professional atmosphere would also do well to be outfitted with Taymor's newest and best home hardware.

Topex's New Swarovski Crystal Cabinet Hardware

Sunday, Feb 1 2015

Topex very recently rolled out their own beautiful line of Swarovski crystal cabinet knobs and pulls! The great thing about Swarovski crystal home hardware, is that even though many brands have their own Swarovski collections, they all retain the brand's unique style. Topex's crystal knobs and pulls are sleek and look just like the smoothness of ice.

Brand Feature: Valsan's Versatile and Modern Bathroom Accessories

Thursday, Jan 29 2015

This is the brand to look to if you need to outfit a bathroom with a new set of accessories, or if you just to add a few bathroom accessories, such as another towel rod or wall hooks, to make your life easier. You might even find bathroom accessories that you didn't even you needed, until now!

Decorating a Brand New Bathroom

Saturday, Jan 24 2015

You're moving into a new house, and you're ready to make it look exactly how you want. A new room is like a blank canvas, and there are so many possibilities. You probably have some great ideas for your living room, bedroom and kitchen, but what about the bathroom? You shouldn't look at it as just a bathroom. It too can be completely customized, down to even the most basic accessories and hardware. Here are some suggestions and ideas for how you can make your new bathroom completely your own.

The Eclectic Elegance of Premier Hardware

Wednesday, Jan 14 2015

If the words "sleek" and "modern" don't really define your sense of style when it comes to your home, there is brand that specializes in whimsical and vintage -- Premier Hardware. This brand is full of old world style that many people seek out, either because they want to reconnect with the past, or because they want to look at something different and interesting in their home. Premier's pieces are polished and aged to perfection.

What Color Mood Does Your Kitchen Need?

Thursday, Jan 8 2015

When decorating or redecorating, considering the color scheme is essential to getting the look you want. Aside from choosing the right theme for you (think antique and elegant, or rustic with country charm), picking the colors based on a few different variables will make all the difference in how satisfied you are with the design of your kitchen, bathroom, or really anywhere else in your home. 

Simple and Sleek Tab Pulls

Friday, Nov 21 2014

Finding the right home hardware for your kitchen or bathroom can be tricky, but that's why we're to help you gain inspiration and pointers on what style to choose. One of the things to consider in picking out cabinet pulls or cabinet knobs, is how much space you have to work with. Another important factor, is the material that the cabinets are made out of, and the style they lend to the room. Tab Pulls are one style of cabinet pulls that give a clean, modern and more utilitarian style. They're also great because they don't take up a lot of space, or take away from the beauty of the cabinets themselves.

Brand Feature - The Sleek Versatility of Hafele

Saturday, Nov 15 2014

Hafele is definitely one of those home hardware brands that can do anything, anytime, anywhere and look good the whole time. Each style of cabinet knob or pull by Hafele has its own unique look, and some might look better along side some styles and themes better than others, but overall, they are extremely versatile. You need a smooth and geometric cabinet pull with crisp corners and a sleek surface? Hafele definitely has plenty of those that would fit the bill. You're looking for cabinet knobs that would go well with a slightly vintage theme in your bathroom? Hafele has that in spades. 


Swarovski Crystal Home Hardware

Thursday, Oct 30 2014

Are you looking to add some elegance to your home decor? If you can't quite afford to install a crystal chandelier in your dining room, or a fountain in you living room, Swarovski crystal home hardware will add just the right amount of decadence to any home.

Holiday Shopping Suggestions for Home Hardware

Tuesday, Aug 12 2014

Some particularly festive-looking styles might be what you want to see in your house all year long. Do you have the holiday season and all its wonderful decorations on your mind 365 days of the year? Here, we'll show you some styles that will echo the joys of the holidays in your home, long after the garland, tree and lights have been taken down. 

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