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Different metals and finishes must be treated differently when they start to show signs of age or grime. You want your home hardware to look as good as the day you brought it home for years to come, so you have to clean them properly.  For example, some can be cleaned with any type of household cleaner, while others need something mild, and while others need something altogether different. Here are some of the more sensitive finishes and how to keep them looking nice. Iron Wrought Iron — Even though wrought iron is an iron alloy, it’s still prone to rust and degradation over time. Soak your wrought iron hardware in warm water along with a mild dish soap for about 30 minutes. Brush it with a soft plastic brush to remove grime and the beginnings of rust. Rinse it well and dry it thoroughly with a soft towel. Bronze Oil

The art in your home doesn’t have to necessarily be a painting on a wall, or a statue in the corner. There’s a whole other dimension to adding to the theme of your home decor, whether you have an old west motif, or you want the inside of your home to look like a garden. Our selection from Anne at Home will make you feel as if you’ve fallen down the rabbit hole of home hardware. If you don’t want the same old generic cabinet pulls, you might be able to find one that captures your imagination. Anne at Home is a fun home hardware brand that specializes in cabinet pulls in very specific shapes, all made from solid pewter in 38 different finishes . These aren’t meant to just be any ordinary cabinet pulls. With the artistry and novelty put into them, they would be more like things you could pass down from

If you’re looking to add some hardware to your home and you don’t want just any boring hooks or knobs, ask yourself a question — “What sort of look am I going for in my home?” The answer to this question will help you find the hardware that will add even more interest to your kitchen, bathroom, etc. What types of things do you find pleasing to the eye? Futuristic, post-modern shapes and odd colors that make you feel like you’re in a space ship? Flourishes that look like a throw back to the Victorian era? Do you love the thought of living in a cottage out in the woods, full of natural beauty and rustic charm? Once you have a certain feeling, style or aesthetic down, this guide will make it easier for you to find the perfect hardware. You might even discover something you hadn’t previously considered using