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Valsan is a brand that works with solid brass in beautiful, polished finishes that will definitely brighten up your bathroom. Not only do Valsan products look good, but they are very useful in saving space in even the smallest bathrooms. Or perhaps you are in a wheel chair, or you can’t reach the cabinet mirror above your bathroom sink. You can  have a Valsan mirror mounted to anywhere on the wall where you need it.   These mirrons can also turn and pivot, or extend out as needed, and push it back against the wall when you are done to save space. They also have mirrors mounted on stands if you’d rather be able to move your mirror in differents spots on your dresser. Valsan isn’t just about mirrors, of course. There are also sleek towel holders, larger rectangular wall mounted mirrors, jars for holding cotton balls, soap dishes, and anything

You might already have a basic idea of what you want your home hardware to look like, but with so many different types of finishes, it can still be a hard decision. There are so many great colors and textures to choose from — oil rubbed bronze, wrought iron, distressed nickel and so many more —  where do you start? Beside the shape and general style of your cabinet pulls, handles and other bits and pieces of hardware, the finish can make a huge impact on the overall look of the room. There really are no hard and fast rules to matching up the hardware finish to the colors of the light sconces, per se, but there are some very general guidelines to help you. If you are having a hard time choosing, this guide might turn on some lightbulbs to help you find the best home hardware for your