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When looking into purchasing cabinet hardware, if you’re not sure if you should go for pulls or knobs, cup pulls or drop bail pulls? Should you use escutcheon plates or standard backplates, or any backplates at all? Much of the answers depend on your personal taste. If you’re not sure and still weighing your options and you’re on the fence about which types of cabinet hardware you should go with, here are some helpful hints. Featured:  Amerock Backplate In Antique Brass Liberty Hardware 128mm Fusilli Pull Distressed Oil Rubbed Bronze Knobs or Pulls? First, look at the cabinets you will be installing them on. Do they have existing holes from previous knobs or pulls? If there is one hole in a drawer, it’s most likely centered, and therefore you will need to place a knob there. It’s not easy to cover a hole and disguise it so you can drill new ones, but if you want to do that, it’s entirely up to you. With

Do you have a favorite gemstone? Something beyond diamonds or rubies, perhaps something semi-precious yet still beautiful? If you’re in love with the look of gem stones like amethyst, crystal quartz or banded tiger’s eye, you may be amazed by this home hardware brand. Featured: Myterra Disk Knob Backed To Pull Knob Amethyst Satin Nickel 1 1/2 Inch Diameter Myterra Gemstone Hardware is truly a unique brand. No other home hardware brand that we carry features simple, yet naturally beautiful designs of this kind. Because they are so eye-catching, these designs would be the perfect design focal points in some homes. Even if you adore one of these gem stones, there are some simple design guidelines you may want to keep in mind before purchasing a set for your kitchen or bathroom. These designs all pretty much fall under the “modern” design aesthetic . They all have a smooth and sleek look to them, and are polished with sloping, rounded lines. Even the gem stones themselves have

“Mission Style” decor is extremely versatile, which means choosing mission style home hardware would be a great idea for most homes. The mission style is somewhat rustic, yet simple with an old world farmhouse look. The mission style of decoration for homes was made popular by a chair designer named A.J. Forbes around the year 1894. He used the basic themes and design motifs from the latter half of the 19th Century. Featured: Liberty c-c 3 Inch Bail Pull There are no bright or high shine chrome pieces among the mission style cabinet hardware, bath accessories and home accents. Mission style is all about muted colors, satin and aged looks, and rough or raw metals. These compliment a home that is itself, a bit rustic. Homes that feature beams across the ceiling, bungalows and craftsman style homes practically beg you to use this simple yet rustic style throughout them. The Mission Style of home hardware covers many

The great thing about styles that are modern and simplistic, is that they will go with almost any other style in a room, or in your home. There is the polished look, and the smooth and silky “satin” or “brushed” finishes, which look great on a smooth and flat or curved surface. Weslock is a brand that creates home hardware designs that are considered to be more on the utilitarian side of things, but they should not be overlooked for their style. As far as function goes, these pieces will stand the test of time, and retain their beauty as well as their usefulness for many years to come. Featured: Weslock Impresa Single Cylinder Keyed Entry Doorknob Set in Oil Rubbed Bronze Weslock specializes in door hardware, including door knob sets,  handle sets, keyed entry and without, as well as deadbolts and levers. They also design cabinet pulls and knobs that are more stylish, since you can usually add more detail and