A Simple Home Hardware Style Guide — What’s Your Aesthetic?


If you’re looking to add some hardware to your home and you don’t want just any boring hooks or knobs, ask yourself a question — “What sort of look am I going for in my home?” The answer to this question will help you find the hardware that will add even more interest to your kitchen, bathroom, etc.

What types of things do you find pleasing to the eye?

Futuristic, post-modern shapes and odd colors that make you feel like you’re in a space ship? Flourishes that look like a throw back to the Victorian era? Do you love the thought of living in a cottage out in the woods, full of natural beauty and rustic charm? Once you have a certain feeling, style or aesthetic down, this guide will make it easier for you to find the perfect hardware. You might even discover something you hadn’t previously considered using in home hardware.

Is Your Basic Style…


Going for the hunting lodge, cabin in the woods feel? Dive into our rustic category. Here you’ll find hardware that looks a little old and worn out, like it’s been around for centuries. There are also the natural-looking knobs that resemble raw wood. Knobs in the shapes of things from nature can also fall into this category and hold plenty of country charm.

Fake or real antlers hanging on the wall, a fake or real fur rug and some junk-art or a quilt will help pull together the rustic, cabin in the woods feel.

If you like this style, there are more rustic pieces of home hardware in our Oil Rubbed BronzeAntique CopperWrought IronRust and Animal selections.

natural1 rustic1 rustic2 rustic3


Fleur de lis cabinet pulls, rosettes and Swarovski crystal knobs can fall into this category, as well as polished antiques.

A Grandfather clock, a chandelier (crystal or otherwise), gingerbread wood trims and a Victorian China cabinet will all come together nicely with these bits of hardware.

Check out our Antique EnglishCrystal, Birdcage and Floral categories for more of the romantic look.

fancy4 fancy1 fancy2 fancy3


This style might be thought to be “regular” or “plain”, but it still adds its own feel to the look of a room. Fresh and simplified are a few of the ways to look at this style, and it involves smooth curves, satin or polished finishes and subtle shapes. If you don’t want to dedicate your decor to a certain style, this one will fit with almost any other.

These go great with a marble counter top, tiles with a simple marbled design and smooth black or white cabinets.

For more of the modern look, check out our Venetian Bronze, Polished Brass, Stainless Steel, Classic and Black Nickel categories.

modern4 modern1 modern2 modern3


Wild geometric designs and shapes with a high polish, clear knobs or flat black and white.

Put these knobs and pulls in a room lit by track lights, simple orb light fixtures, or a room with a few sharply geometric pieces of furniture, and you’ve already gone a long way with the futuristic look.

Get more of the futuristic look from our Chrome, Clear and Aluminum selections.

future3 future4 future1 future2

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