Brand Feature: Cal Crystal


“Crystal” knobs and other types of home hardware that involve faceted glass, aren’t for everyone. Some people find them too gaudy, while they are perfect to others. However, faceted glass knobs can actually fit quite well into most styles of decor.

Cal Crystal is a home hardware brand that specializes in the faceted glass or crystal look of cabinet knobs. You can definitely manage to include these beautiful pieces in your home, without it looking too gaudy or flashy, if that isn’t what you like. Despite your taste, you might find out that you love that you wouldn’t have considered before.

If you like sparkle and flash, then you will love these pieces by Cal Crystal. You might even have a hard time deciding one which one you like best!

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There are a variety of shapes to choose from. For a look that has less flash for a more minimalist look, you can go with the rippled dome knob like the one above, the grooved crystal knob on the left. There is still plenty of detail and texture, without it looking like a giant diamond. There is also the subtle, more natural beauty of the crystal orb, with some delicate leaf designs



Of course, you can also include them into the color scheme. The round, gently faceted blue knob on the left comes in other colors, such as amethyst, pink, and red, among others. The lavender knob on the left also comes in amber and clear. You could even choose two different colors that go together, such as pink and amethyst, and use alternate them along the cabinets or drawers to add some colorful excitement to your home hardware.

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Crystal knobs can give your home a look of elegance, and reflect the light to bring more light into your home. The shape and color will all lend themselves to the overall look that you are trying to achieve. On the left is a clear crystal that shines almost iridescently. This would make a great accent in a minimalist bathroom. On the right is one of the fancier shapes, with a brass accent in the center for a more metallic look.