Brand Feature: The Elegance of Giusti Home Hardware


If a romantic and elegant look is what you’re going for, look no further than Giusti’s home hardware. Giusti is a high quality Italian brand from the city that was the setting for one of the most popular stories ever, the setting of Romeo and Juliet, Verona, Italy. Their designs look fantastically lovely, just as you would expect!

Featured: Giusti Shiny Old Silver 128mm Cc Cabinet Pull 

These pieces aren’t overly fancy, either. You might be looking for a cabinet knob that will sufficiently blend in with the rest of your kitchen, but you still want it to make its own design statement. Giusti is well known for making artistic pieces that don’t overwhelm, or take away from their surroundings. Take this beautiful while gold cabinet pull, for example.


Will you go to someone else’s house and find this pull, or even one similar? Not likely. However, it’s simple enough to be versatile, and stylized enough to catch the eye and add its own elements to the design of the room. It’s amazing when something as small and seemingly insignificant as a cabinet pull can do that in home decor.


If you’re for something even simpler and utilitarian, but still interesting, you can try their rectangular recessed pulls, like this one in satin nickel. Satin nickel is a very popular finish, but they also come in oil rubbed bronze if you want a darker, richer look to go with the existing colors of your kitchen or bathroom. Recessed cabinet pulls are an unexpected alternative to the standard handle-shaped pulls.


If you’re looking for some serious sparkle, Giusti has included Swarovski crystals into their designs, like this polished chrome cabinet pull featured above.


“Expect the unexpected” seems to be the running theme with Giusti’s designs! This Medium Black Ribbon With Stainless Steel Base Cabinet Pull is one thing type of cabinet pull that we guarantee you’ve never seen before. If you want elegant and innovative as well as versatile, Giusti has just the designs for you.