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Chrome is a very versatile and practical metal finish choice in all types of home hardware and accessories. Most of the time, you would want to use this metal finish if you want a modern or futuristic aesthetic in your kitchen or bathroom. It goes great in a kitchen or bathroom with a modern design, because of its bright, reflective quality, smooth surface and light metal shade. Here are few more things you should know about this high shine metal finish before choosing it for your kitchen or bathroom makeover. Amerock 1 1/4 Inch Allison Knob In Polished Chrome What Colors Go Best With Chrome Hardware? The colors you choose to pair with chrome home hardware, depends on what kind of effect you want in your bathroom or kitchen. Do you want it to look very striking and sophisticated? Use a lot of black, or other very dark shades of colors, like dark hunter green, navy blue and dark plum. For

Bronze — it’s classic and beautiful, but with some tweaks, it can become rustic and rough. There are many types of bronze finishes, from Mediterranean or Venetian Bronze, to Aged or Oil Rubbed Bronze , to the high shine of polished bronze, and many more. The type of bronze finish you choose relies solely on the theme or aesthetic you’re going for in your home. It should be mentioned that even though a certain type of bronze has the same name, it might not always look the same from brand to brand. For example, an Amerock pull in natural bronze is a different shade than the Classic Brass pull in natural bronze (pictured below). One type of bronze finish with an extremely varied look to it, is oil rubbed bronze. Oil rubbed bronze has an overall rich look and feel, but the Amerock Kane Knob has a worn look, that the Rusticware Circle Knob does not. Amerock Inspirations Oversized Knob This is the reason why it’s important to select all of your home hardware from

Spring is fast approaching, and freshness is something we all have on our minds. Many of us are doing some much-needed rearranging and cleaning to break up the stagnation built up over the cold months. We’re all in the mood for something new and exciting. If you’re doing a little home renewing and refreshing, now would be a great time for some new cabinet knobs, pulls or other pieces of home hardware or accessories. Whether you just want to make a small change or overhaul the whole look of your home, some new and exciting home hardware might be just what you need. Featured:  Richelieu Traditional Forged Iron Handle Pull These fresh and interesting pieces are popular, and we can’t think of any better way to liven up your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. One trend that you might want to take advantage of, is the look of natural wrought iron. This is a great look against

Oil rubbed bronze is an extremely popular color when it comes to home hardware. It’s a beautiful color that gives a home a warm, lived-in, almost antique feel, as if the house is much older than it actually is. Oil rubbed bronze can actually come in several different shades, and the way it looks can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Depending on how it’s made, it can even look different from piece to piece. If you love the look of oil rubbed bronze and you’re thinking of installing oil rubbed bronze home hardware in your kitchen or bathroom, there are a few things you should know about it first. How is Oil Rubbed Bronze Made? There are two different kinds of oil rubbed bronze, which are referred to as “living” and “non-living”. ( Amerock Designs and Hickory Hardware ) Living oil rubbed bronze, is when a plate of copper is treated with a