Choosing Switch Plates


When choosing decorative home hardware, many people don’t even think about their switch plates. Most of the time, we just accept the plain switch plate that came with the house or apartment, or grab a plain white or beige switch plate at the store to cover the otherwise unsightly holes in the walls. Why not go for a beautiful switch plate that matches the other hardware in the room?

You never know what designs you could find in the way of switch plates, that could match your towel bars, cabinet knobs, or even the door stops.

Featured: Liberty Hardware Paisley Double Duplex Wall Plate

You’ll even be able to find a specific color, finish or style in the type of switch plate that you need. So you need a combination switch plate that includes a GFI (ground fault interrupter) outlet and a toggle light switch, but you need an antiqued look that will go with your antiqued brass cabinet knobs and towel ring? We have that.


Anne at Home Corinthia GFI and Switch

That’s just one example of the many possibilities. You don’t need to settle for a plain plastic quad rocker if you have 4 rocker switches in a row. In this case, a high polished brushed nickel quad rocker from Atlas Homewares might be exactly what you need (below).


Of course, there are even decorative blank switch plates, because even a switch or outlet that needs to be covered for safety reasons can still look good and match with the other switch plates and home hardware in your home.


Liberty Hardware Stamped Round Single Blank Wall Plate

As with many other types of home hardware products, you don’t have to sacrifice form for function. If you need a specific switch plate in a specific color or finish, it probably exists!


Anne at Home Fleur de lis Double Outlet