Chrome it Out: The Polished and Clean Beauty of Chrome Home Hardware and Accessories


Chrome is a very versatile and practical metal finish choice in all types of home hardware and accessories. Most of the time, you would want to use this metal finish if you want a modern or futuristic aesthetic in your kitchen or bathroom.

It goes great in a kitchen or bathroom with a modern design, because of its bright, reflective quality, smooth surface and light metal shade. Here are few more things you should know about this high shine metal finish before choosing it for your kitchen or bathroom makeover.

Amerock 1 1/4 Inch Allison Knob In Polished Chrome

What Colors Go Best With Chrome Hardware?

The colors you choose to pair with chrome home hardware, depends on what kind of effect you want in your bathroom or kitchen. Do you want it to look very striking and sophisticated? Use a lot of black, or other very dark shades of colors, like dark hunter green, navy blue and dark plum. For a more earthy, softer feel, use shades and brown, beige and tan.


Cliffside: 9-3/16 Inch Polished Chrome Appliance Pull – 8 Inch C/C

Are All Shades of Chrome the Same

As with many other finishes, a chrome bathroom towel rod from one brand may be a slightly different shade from the chrome cabinet knobs created by another brand. This is why you should purchase all of your chrome home hardware and bathroom accessories from the same brand.


Siro Designs 34mm Lenox Cabinet Knob In Matte Chrome W/ Soft Black

How do You Keep Chrome Polished and Clean?

Chrome is so polished and smooth, it can start to look smudged and lose some of its beautiful shine the more its touched. Luckily, chrome cabinet knobs, door knobs and pulls are very easy to clean and polish up once again.


Siro Designs J45mm Uliana Cabinet Knob In Matte Chrome

Grab a lint free cleaning cloth and use a small amount of gentle cleanser and water to rub the chrome cabinet knobs or pulls clean. Once you’ve removed the greasy smudges, wipe over it again with just water to rinse away any soapy residue, which will also cause it to look dull.

Use a dry lint free cloth to dry the chrome hardware and do a little polishing to bring it back to a shine. You don’t want to use any harsh cleaners or metal scrubbers, as these will cause the chome finishes to wear away and lose their shine.