How to Add Bright Accent Colors With Home Hardware

Neo-Lavender Cabinet Knob

Unexpected bright pops of color are all the rage, but have never completely gone out of style. A pop of turquoise here, or a bright pink accent there might be all your home needs if it’s been feeling a little “blah” lately. You shouldn’t be afraid to do some experimenting with color, but there are a few simple guidelines to make sure you don’t overdose on those eye-popping colors!

1.) Make sure the majority of the space in the room is a neutral color. White, ivory, beige and even deep browns will work well in allowing the bright accent colors to stand out, without being too overwhelming.


Wer Designs: Seisho Pull

2.) Try to tie the color accents in with a color that is already present in the room — hopefully one that you find visually pleasing. For example, if you have a painting in the bathroom with a lot of pink in it, you can use that as your starting point. There might also be a few other colors in the painting, like bright green or lavender. You can choose the dominant color in the painting (the one that there is most of), or one that is a little less present. Either way, finding a close color match will be slightly unexpected if you use it in your cabinet knobs or hooks.


Reactive Clear Spring Green

3.) Contrast the colors that you already use. Example: If you use bath towels, hand towels, rugs or toilet seat covers that are bright blue, use accents in orange. Orange is the complimentary color for blue. Complimentary colors are the colors that are opposite each other on the color wheel:


The Color Wheel

You can add the complimentary colors in the amounts you feel comfortable with. As a general guideline, if you have a majority of bright blue, you shouldn’t use the same amount of orange, or it could start to look too much like a children’s room. Usually, an accent color should only make up about 10% of the room, but you can use it to the extend that you are comfortable with. There are no hard and fast rules here, just your personal taste.

4.) If you’re incorporating any kind of pattern, try to keep it all uniform. Example: You’re using a rug in a checkered design. You can incorporate this design in your complimentary color to tie it all together.


Opal Orange White Squares Cabinet Pull

5.) If you’re starting from scratch with your accent color, meaning you don’t have any colors in the room to match it, by all means add them later if you want. Add your brightly colored hardware and tie it together later on with a vase of flowers that match (or contrast!). Have fun with these bright colors when picking out hardware to use in your home.

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