Innovative Home Hardware Designs for Kitchens




Delta Linden Single Handle Pull Out Kitchen Faucet Stainless

Kitchen sinks often get cluttered, and this is one of the worst places in your home to create clutter. The more that’s on your sink, the harder it will be to clean because it often gets get. Even knobs will collect bacteria and make the area harder to keep clean and sanitary. The Delta Linden Single Handle Kitchen Faucet (above) is a great example of a space saver in the kitchen. The single handle is located on the side of the faucet itself, which leaves plenty of room around the top of the sink for just your hand soap.


American Standard Prevoir Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel

This sink is an interesting alternative to the usual double or single sinks you see in kitchens. A double sink is more convenient when washing dishes than a single sink. With this sink, you’ll never lose your silverware among the plates and bowls, because you can place them in the smaller section to get washed.


Lyn Design Round Petite 36 X 36 Distressed Black Kitchen Island

You need an island for your kitchen, but you don’t have much room for the usual size of kitchen islands? Maybe you just want a little more surface space in your kitchen. The round 3 ft island bu Lyn Design isn’t something you see every day. Just match it up with a black or light colored wood kitchen.


American Standard Prevoir Double Bowl Kitchen Sink Stainless Steel

Most sinks are in the middle of the line of counter tops, along a wall of the kitchen. Have you considered putting one in the corner? The American Standard sink (above) makes that innovative idea possible. This would be an interesting feature in a more modern kitchen, where a new twist is more than welcomed.