So you’ve decided to go ahead and upgrade your kitchen and need to know what kind of kitchen remodeling costs you’ll be facing. This is one of the most common questions asked about remodeling a kitchen and like many other things in life the costs can vary widely. It all depends on what your final goals are for the kitchen, how much you want to upgrade and of course your budget. Using professionals If you’re looking for an exact quote for kitchen remodeling costs the average according to Remodeling Magazine is $56,000 for a renovation in the mid-range area while an upscale renovation will run you $110,000 or more. For a simple kitchen remodeling job you can expect to pay out approximately $24,000. Keep in mind that these figures are based on data received from surveys passed to professional remodelers, builders and real estate agents. In these cases there would

The past few weeks have seen summer drift away. As we trade popsicles for pumpkin lattes the deco around your dwelling should bundle up too. We’ve harvested some of our favorite fall-ish products so that you can be in season from head to hardware. This nutty knob is one of the first things I think of for fall. Cast in an antique bronze this little guy can add big character to your drawers and cabinets. Evoking a natural feel, like most of our highlights today, the Mountain Acorn Knob also has a pretty sleek design compared to most plant-inspired pulls on the market. It is cute, without being frilly. This set puts the “cabin” in cabinet hardware. These metal pulls are designed after birch branches and can add a masculine, woodland touch to any room. Coming in four sizes makes them available for furniture big and small, or the sizes

Perusing Knob Deco’s selection is like looking at an attendance roster for the top brands in cabinet hardware. Jeffrey Alexander, Anne at Home, Alno Creations – the gang’s all here, producing the best stuff in the industry. We are proud to have one of the biggest selections on the globe for all the cabinet knobs, decorative pulls and every other design accent to keep your cabinets company. But, we are even prouder of the quality our top brands boast. So today we’re going to talk about one of our cabinet hardware top dogs, Jeffrey Alexander. Jeffrey Alexander has a huge array of products – we’re talking 1099 huge; or at least that’s how many we’ve curated on our site. While we could talk about hardware all day, we’ll spare you and just highlight a of our favorite pieces from this top designer. Modern, attractive and versatile; this is classic Jeffrey Alexander. We

BRASS VS. ZINC Cabinet Knobs and Cabinet Pulls – What’s the difference and which is right for me? Two common metals you’ll find when shopping for decorative hardware are zinc and brass. You might not notice a difference by just looking at it, but if you pick it up, you’ll find the brass is heavier, more solid and more expensive than the cabinet hardware made from the zinc alloy. You will find too that brass cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls, which is approximately 67% copper and 33% zinc is 20%-80% more expensive than a comparable piece of zinc die cast hardware, due in part to the price of copper. But does that make it better for you? Not necessarily. The vast majority of cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls on the market today are manufactured from die-cast zinc, but there are great selections of cabinet hardware manufactured from solid brass. We automatically think