Cabinet Hardware Themes: What style cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls Define you? Whether you are upgrading your current suburban home with cabinet knobs or styling out your new urban condo with cabinet pulls, you will face the question:What cabinet hardware theme defines you? Don’t worry, here at Knob Deco we understand the excitement and challenges that go along with answering the question. There are thousands of different cabinet hardware knobs and cabinet pulls available on the market today and filtering through them all can be a headache. Isn’t shopping online supposed to be easy? Below is a list of a few popular themes we see from our Knob Deco customers each day. TraditionalThere is nothing boring or cliché about traditional cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls . In fact, here at Knob Deco some of our favorite cabinet pieces we sell are of the traditional variety. Traditional cabinet hardware pieces provide a clean, warm feel to your

Knob Deco Introduces the Latest Hardware Resources Lyn Design Vanity Collections! While the centerpiece on your dining room table might be a vase of fresh flowers, the bathroom vanity is often considered the centerpiece of a bathroom. It is one of the best ways to add value to your home as well. At Knob Deco our Lyn Design vanities come in a large variety of styles and sizes to choose from. Knob Deco is excited to offer the two newest Lyn Design Vanity Collections – the Lexington Modern and the Philadelphia Classic. Both of these bathroom vanity Collections at come with and without tops, giving you the opportunity to customize the vanity as you wish. The Lexington Modern and Philadelphia Classic bathroom vanities each have a coordinating mirror which can be purchased separately. Any Lyn Design Vanity should be complimented by other bath accessories at Knob Deco. At 25”, the Lexington

A TRIP AROUND THE WORLD WITHOUT LEAVING YOUR HOME! Top Knobs decorative hardware is well known for their exceptional cabinet hardware. They have an unmatched selection of cabinet knobs and pulls, boasting the world’s most complete compilation of designer-inspired cabinet hardware. Knob Deco is proud to offer over 4,000 beautiful Top Knobs cabinet hardware pieces. Top Knobs has introduced 6 new decorative hardware lines with their Passport Collections: Top Knobs Trevi, Top Knobs Great Wall, Top Knobs Tower Bridge, Top Knobs Luxor, Top Knobs Sydney, and Top Knobs Victoria. The designers at Top Knobs were inspired by world famous destinations such as the Trevi Fountain in Rome, the Great Wall in China, the Tower Bridge in London, the Temple of Luxor along the Nile River, Sydney Harbour in Australia, and Victoria Falls in Africa. Whether you want to simply update your kitchen with classic design elements or bring back a

Popularity Satin nickel cabinet hardware is Knob Deco’s most requested finish type today. These products are made by using various brush types and sanding products to dull the finish consistently throughout the hardware piece. The popularity for this finish type has grown due to several factors: Satin nickel compliments a wide variety cabinet colors and patterns It supports a modern, fashionable look Satin nickel mixes well with other contemporary products found in the kitchen such as stainless steel appliances, granite countertops, hardwood floors While having the same clean look as stainless steel, manufacturers are able to create more unique color and pattern variations using satin nickel Care Recommendations Like all good cabinet hardware pieces, knobs and pulls of satin nickel finish should be cared for properly. We recommend cleaning your pieces with a light application of warm water and mild detergent using a soft cloth. If your hardware pieces have