The great thing about styles that are modern and simplistic, is that they will go with almost any other style in a room, or in your home. There is the polished look, and the smooth and silky “satin” or “brushed” finishes, which look great on a smooth and flat or curved surface. Weslock is a brand that creates home hardware designs that are considered to be more on the utilitarian side of things, but they should not be overlooked for their style. As far as function goes, these pieces will stand the test of time, and retain their beauty as well as their usefulness for many years to come. Featured: Weslock Impresa Single Cylinder Keyed Entry Doorknob Set in Oil Rubbed Bronze Weslock specializes in door hardware, including door knob sets, ┬áhandle sets, keyed entry and without, as well as deadbolts and levers. They also design cabinet pulls and knobs that are more stylish, since you can usually add more detail and

Bronze — it’s classic and beautiful, but with some tweaks, it can become rustic and rough. There are many types of bronze finishes, from Mediterranean or Venetian Bronze, to Aged or Oil Rubbed Bronze , to the high shine of polished bronze, and many more. The type of bronze finish you choose relies solely on the theme or aesthetic you’re going for in your home. It should be mentioned that even though a certain type of bronze has the same name, it might not always look the same from brand to brand. For example, an Amerock pull in natural bronze is a different shade than the Classic Brass pull in natural bronze (pictured below). One type of bronze finish with an extremely varied look to it, is oil rubbed bronze. Oil rubbed bronze has an overall rich look and feel, but the Amerock Kane Knob has a worn look, that the Rusticware Circle Knob does not. Amerock Inspirations Oversized Knob This is the reason why it’s important to select all of your home hardware from

You have your brand new set of beautiful cabinet knobs or pulls, and you’re excited to install them. Now you’re standing in your kitchen, looking at your bare cabinets, and you start to feel a tinge of fear. How exactly do you install hardware on new cabinets, without ruining your new cabinets, and without making them crooked or uneven? How do you make all your cabinet knobs or pulls uniform? Featured: Amerock Allison Brass Knob We’ve put together a guide with some simple tips and tricks for positioning and making clean drill holes, so your cabinets will look perfect, just the way you pictured them. Is the middle the best? Not always. It might not be convenient or functional to place the cabinet knobs or pulls in the top center of the cabinets or the middle of the drawers. You may need them off to the side closer to the opening, or near the

Laurey has everything you would ever need, in many different styles, all with innovative designs that we are proud to carry. If you’re not interested in the standard straight line cabinet pulls, Laurey has a huge selection of bow pull pieces, all in a variety of styles and designs. Bow pulls are a type of cabinet pull that “bows” out slightly more than arch pulls. Arch pulls have a curve that comes out to the center and stops lower than the bow pull. Many people find cabinet pulls to be more comfortable to grab than knobs, and Laurey definitely has plenty of these. Featured: Majestic Bow Pull Laurey Large Modern Pull & Oil Rubbed Bronze Arch Pull The Large Modern Pull (featured above) is versatile but also looks great in a sleek and modern kitchen with smooth cabinets. The stylish Oil Rubbed Bronze Arch Pull (also featured above) would go great with dark wooden cabinets, but other colors and