Spring is fast approaching, and freshness is something we all have on our minds. Many of us are doing some much-needed rearranging and cleaning to break up the stagnation built up over the cold months. We’re all in the mood for something new and exciting. If you’re doing a little home renewing and refreshing, now would be a great time for some new cabinet knobs, pulls or other pieces of home hardware or accessories. Whether you just want to make a small change or overhaul the whole look of your home, some new and exciting home hardware might be just what you need. Featured:  Richelieu Traditional Forged Iron Handle Pull These fresh and interesting pieces are popular, and we can’t think of any better way to liven up your kitchen or bathroom cabinets. One trend that you might want to take advantage of, is the look of natural wrought iron. This is a great look against

Ceramic cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls are a nice break from the metal finishes you expect to see in home hardware. There are also extremely versatile, and can come in all sorts of colors and designs. If you want a fun and unexpected pop of color and add more personality to your kitchen or bathroom, you can take a look at all the ceramic home hardware we have to offer. There are hundreds of design possibilities when it comes to ceramic knobs and pulls, as well as other types of home hardware and accessories. The ceramic part of the knob could be just an accent or design focal point, or it could comprise the entire shape of the piece. The Richelieu Classic knob featured above, has a beautiful “cracked” design to make it look old fashioned and to give it some character. Of course, it isn’t actually cracked, that’s just the design of the

“Crystal” knobs and other types of home hardware that involve faceted glass, aren’t for everyone. Some people find them too gaudy, while they are perfect to others. However, faceted glass knobs can actually fit quite well into most styles of decor. Cal Crystal is a home hardware brand that specializes in the faceted glass or crystal look of cabinet knobs. You can definitely manage to include these beautiful pieces in your home, without it looking too gaudy or flashy, if that isn’t what you like. Despite your taste, you might find out that you love that you wouldn’t have considered before. If you like sparkle and flash, then you will love these pieces by Cal Crystal. You might even have a hard time deciding one which one you like best!     There are a variety of shapes to choose from. For a look that has less flash for a more minimalist

There are plenty of things you can do with a small space to take advantage of wall space and corners. The trick is to space things out well enough so that it doesn’t look cramped. Many types of home hardware and accessories will assist you in organizing tiny bathrooms and kitchens, as well as other rooms in your house that are small. Efficiency apartments, trailers and other small dwellings are wonderful and efficient, and you won’t want them to get cluttered and messy! Even larger rooms can greatly benefit from space saving accessories. Here are a few pieces with suggestions on how they can be used to better organize and save space in your home.   Featured:  Sugatsune Double Hook and Jeffrey Alexander pivoting double hook . Hooks are greatly overlooked when it comes to organizing, in many cases because the tenant or home owner doesn’t want to put holes in the wall. As long as you use