Space Savers and Organization Tips with Home Hardware


There are plenty of things you can do with a small space to take advantage of wall space and corners. The trick is to space things out well enough so that it doesn’t look cramped. Many types of home hardware and accessories will assist you in organizing tiny bathrooms and kitchens, as well as other rooms in your house that are small.

Efficiency apartments, trailers and other small dwellings are wonderful and efficient, and you won’t want them to get cluttered and messy! Even larger rooms can greatly benefit from space saving accessories.

Here are a few pieces with suggestions on how they can be used to better organize and save space in your home.



Featured: Sugatsune Double Hook and Jeffrey Alexander pivoting double hook.

Hooks are greatly overlooked when it comes to organizing, in many cases because the tenant or home owner doesn’t want to put holes in the wall. As long as you use a stud finder, use caution and follow the directions when you are drilling holes and mounting your hook, or anything else that might need mounted to the wall. If a clean hole is made, you can easily fill it in with drywall mud, sand it down and do a paint touch up if you ever have to remove the hook.

Pivoting hooks are great, as well as double hooks for hanging more than one thing at once, such as a towel and bathrobe so you can easily reach them when you need them.



Featured: Contemporary I shelf from Alno.

Need more space for your bottles and other toiletry items? A mounted wall shelf above your kitchen counter or by the bathtub might be a great way to keep your things in reach and organized.



Featured: Smedbo wall mounted mirror.

A wall mounted swivel mirror might be what you need for shaving or putting on makeup. These are great because you can mount it exactly where you need it, swivel it closer to you where you are sitting or standing, and then swivel it back to get it out of the way when you no longer need it.


Featured: Alno Weaver Soap Dish.

Mount a soap dish on the wall above your sink, and free up more space on the counter for other things, or just to avoid clutter.