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One of the joys of redecorating is fixing up an old dresser or other piece of furniture and revamping it to fit the look of the room. You might already have an old beat up dresser that you can do this with. If not, you can search in thrift stores, newspaper ads and yard sales for the perfect old dresser to make new again. You can paint it any way you want, add a certain color of varnish to match the other wood furniture in the room, and do just about anything to make it match the general look and feel of its surroundings. How far your imagination can go is your only limit, here. You may even be able to gain some inspiration for your “new” dresser or chest of drawers from looking at the different hardware that is at your disposal. Here are a few steps to take

If you’re looking to add some hardware to your home and you don’t want just any boring hooks or knobs, ask yourself a question — “What sort of look am I going for in my home?” The answer to this question will help you find the hardware that will add even more interest to your kitchen, bathroom, etc. What types of things do you find pleasing to the eye? Futuristic, post-modern shapes and odd colors that make you feel like you’re in a space ship? Flourishes that look like a throw back to the Victorian era? Do you love the thought of living in a cottage out in the woods, full of natural beauty and rustic charm? Once you have a certain feeling, style or aesthetic down, this guide will make it easier for you to find the perfect hardware. You might even discover something you hadn’t previously considered using