The Charm of Ceramic Accents in Home Hardware


Ceramic cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls are a nice break from the metal finishes you expect to see in home hardware. There are also extremely versatile, and can come in all sorts of colors and designs. If you want a fun and unexpected pop of color and add more personality to your kitchen or bathroom, you can take a look at all the ceramic home hardware we have to offer.

There are hundreds of design possibilities when it comes to ceramic knobs and pulls, as well as other types of home hardware and accessories. The ceramic part of the knob could be just an accent or design focal point, or it could comprise the entire shape of the piece.

The Richelieu Classic knob featured above, has a beautiful “cracked” design to make it look old fashioned and to give it some character. Of course, it isn’t actually cracked, that’s just the design of the piece. This cracked design also comes with a nickel base, and the one pictured above is brass. You have two different metallic finishes to choose from, which will help you match the color scheme of the room, and the existing hardware. In general, the brass would be good for warm colors, and the nickel would be good for cooler color schemes.

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Ceramic knobs with a design, such as flowers, fruit, or really anything, are great for adding some color and personality to your kitchen or bathroom. The charming pear design, for example, look great in a country kitchen, or in a modern minimalist style kitchen that needs a great accent. The flower design would be perfect for a bathroom or with a vintage style.


You can also always go for a nice smooth, shiny surface in a plain color for simplicity if the rest of the cabinets or drawers are already too busy for a design. Black and white go with anything and look sleek.


Include fun and kitschy shapes of ceramics to your hearts desire. This flower would look perfect as the knobs on a dresser in a child’s room, or on bathroom cabinets in a cute floral bathroom. You can search through our ceramic collection to find the perfect ceramic home hardware for you.