To Knob or To Pull

The Knob Deco Team is excited to kick off our new blog spot,“To Knob or to Pull.”In this forum, we will keeping you up to date on cabinet hardware industry trends, new products, common knobs and pulls questions,www.knobdeco.comupdates, and more! You are encouraged to interact with this site by posting replies, comments, and questions.

In our first blog post, we will attempt to answer one of the most vexing questions in our industry,“to knob or to pull?”You are not alone in struggling to answer this question. It has challenged home owners, cabinet makers, and designers for well over 100 years. The simplicity, yet complexity of the proposition put it same league of great philosophical questions such aswhich came first, the chicken or the egg.

With over 14,000 cabinet pulls and 13,000 cabinet knobs on our site, we can’t discriminate against either category… So, the best answer is, “it depends on the customer.”

Some of the factors you should consider when deciding between pulls, knobs, or a mix of both include:

Door / drawer size:  For large, heavy doors and drawers, a pull will give better support and reinforcement while opening and closing.  Users can use the strength of their whole set of fingers / hand for operations.

Room style:  Very urban or contemporary styling supports symmetric and linear designs throughout the room.  If you want to extend the symmetrical flow to of your cabinet and room design to the hardware, select a modern pull with complimentary lines and modern finish.  If your room as soft lines, curves, or round complimentary pieces, a knob might be a better look.

Uniqueness:  More customization and uniqueness can be found in knob products.  Manufacturers and designers are more easily able to incorporate sculpture designs, paintings, and multiple colors / patterns into a knob than pull.  You will find more unique and artistic pieces in our knob selections.

You are definitely not forced to pick one style or the other.  Many of our manufacturers produce complimentary knob and pull products.  You can create a mixed design that leverages the design advantages of both products while enjoying consistent styling and finishes.

If you want help deciding, call one of our Knob Deco team members today and we’ll be happy to talk it through with you.

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