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Core Rooster Cabinet Knob

It all started with a frog; at least, that’s how Melissa (the “M” of MNG) remembers it. Being frustrated by the availability of elegantly designed Melissa and her background in jewelry design to create the first knob (a frog) of what would be many, many more. With-in the year, the other two letters jumped on and MNG Hardware has been wowing customers with standout design ever since.

MNG Hardware has a lot of strength in producing more classical pieces. In fact, most of their “Core” line is comprised of knobs and pulls that would make a diversity of design schemes proud. But that doesn’t mean MNG can’t have fun, and pieces like this rooster knob strike right back to that first frog.

If you have a country or rustic inspired space, then this proud poultry should be first in your pecking order. Waking up to a rooster’s crow gets annoying quick, but having this little guy pull open the cabinet for your coffee; well that’s morning-making.

Core Quilted Handle

MNG Hardware isn’t afraid of a flashy finish. In fact, you’d be hard pressed to find any of their products in only one color combo. This pull is a grew example of MNG’s bold gold and brassy hues.

The quilted etching of this handle will make it easy to grip. But with a pull so attractive, keeping hands off of it would be the bigger concern. The added texture will compliment textiles already in your space or soften fabric-free kitchens and baths.

Core Striped Bin Pull

Clean and contemporary, this polished pull would be just as sleek in the kitchen as the office. Midcentury modern is all the rage, and this cupped pull channels whats causing all these Mad Men (and women.)

Finished in chrome, this pull shines it’s brightest. But, much like most of MNG’s fine wares, this piece comes in five fine finishes.

Oversize Potato Handle

Look long and hard across the world of cabinet hardware and you’ll be shocked at the diversity of pieces available. But as different as they may be, almost all of them will be perfectly symmetrical. This is an unspoken rule that MNG boldly breaks.

Pulls with a heavier end make a memorable statement when installed horizontally. But put them in vertically and you’ll wonder why the market isn’t full of such striking silhouettes. The Oversize Potato Handle has a silly name but serious style. The lack of strict geometry, makes this handle a real rarity and any hardware-head knows how beautiful out of the box can be.

Core Vine Knob

Here, MNG Hardware features I more formal vine imprint. Breaking from repetitive patterns, these vines have a random, organic curve. But the knob still features MNG’s standard quality. So calm those fears about the engraving wearing down, or completely off. They may not be pine; but these vines will be ever-green decor.

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