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Stainless Steel

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Stainless Steel Cabinet Knobs - Save 5% to 20% Instantly!

Stainless Steel has always been a cornerstone in kitchens with a variety of appliance pulls and other hardware including pots and stove tops.  Not as obvious is the growing popularity of stainless steel cabinet knobs to compliment the other kitchen hardware.  Stainless Steel has always delivered superior durability, smooth surfaces and beautiful finishes that really brighten any kitchen.  By adding stainless steel cabinet knobs to a kitchen it adds instant function and style to your kitchen while keeping uniformity with the design.  Stainless steel cabinet knobs work great in urban apartments and also compliment any modern living area.  Even commercial architectural hardware buyers often choose stainless steel cabinet knobs as their choice finish for new designs.  The two hottest type of stainless steel cabinet knobs come are polished steel and matte steel.  Both finishes are typically forged in stainless steel metal so the durability is equal.  Polished stainless steel cabinet knobs are shinier than your matte stainless steel which provides are more subtle look but is equally as attractive.  Here at Knob Deco we sell hundreds of stainless steel cabinet knobs to choose from.  For the higher end products we recommend the Brands Linnea and Forms and Surfaces.  For value brands of stainless steel cabinet knobs we recommend Amerock and Hickory Hardware.

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