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Turned in Stone

Turned in Stone

Check out our selection of home hardware by Turned in Stone. Turned in Stone creates sturdy and extremely useful hardware that every home or office needs, for an organized and professional environment. Not only do their pieces stand up well, but they look sleek, modern and simple to go with your existing hardware. These versatile pieces can go anywhere you need them, and come in a variety of colors to match your decor.

Turned in Stone

Turned In Stone has a decorative history in the US and Europe and takes pride as one of the largest Granite cabinetry hardware manufacturers in the World. Their polishing process offers a 100% all natural stone polish with no lacquers or coatins.  Knob Deco is proud to offer a variety of granite hardware styles and colors at a a competitve price.

Looking for a custom finish to match your granite countertop or stone floor?  Turned in Stone can manufacture most products detailed using leftover material from your project.  Give us a call at Knob Deco today.

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