Windows and doors and their types and positions are very crucial in any room.  It increases the cross ventilation and also keeps the air flowing, hence the room fresh and germ free. Even FengShui stresses on having proper windows and cross ventilation for every room. 

Stylish Window with Modern Stripes for Contemporary Home Decorations

Now did you know that glass can be the cause of around 10-20% heat loss in winter and around 25-35% heat gain in summer? 

Windows are not a very good insulator at all and are a bit of a mixed blessing. But if you want to make the best use of your windows, invest in window treatments.Cover your windows. It will look good and also ward off the extra heat. Window treatment also involves accessorizing your windows.

Here are a few ways to accessorize your windows….

Double Glazing: Double or triple glazing works well with controlling the potentially unwanted heat loss and gain through your glass window.Its benefits are that the pocket of air trapped between the two/three panes of glass prevent most of the heat loss/gain.

Double or Triple Glazing Windows

Awnings: In summer you can pull down heavy canvas awnings to the ground to prevent direct sunlight from entering the house. This stops most of the heat gain due to the pocket of air trapped on the outside of the windows between the glass and the awning

Awnings Windows

In winter you can roll the awnings attached outside the windows all the way up to let in maximum light and heat causing a mini greenhouse effect in the living areas at the front of the house.

Natural coverings: You can decorate your window with plants inside and outside. This will add a natural dash of green, which is no doubt soothing to your eyes.

decorate your window with plants inside and outside

The leaves will block the heat in summer and let light through in winter.  A larger tree planted in the ground outside your window will have the same effect.

Curtains: These are the most basic form of window treatment. It not only decorates your window, but also lets you enjoy the privacy of your home.

Home Decor with Good curtains

Good curtains add a classy feel to the room décor and make the windows look good too.

Pelmets & Shutters: Closed pelmets fitted to the top of blinds or curtains stop the air from flowing over the window pain. Internal plantation shutters are another option which traps a pocket of air in the window frame acting like double glazing. 

Pelmets & Shutters

BlindsBlinds work very well to decorate as well as avoid the heat from your window. Blinds also look very good on French windows overlooking a garden or a patio.


I hope these window covering Ideas will help you more to decor your room.