Kitchen cabinets come in endless different styles, and the trends are always changing. Even if a homeowner decides on what type of cabinets they would like; the selection of finishes is just as broad. We think a change of cabinet hardware is the perfect solution to update your cabinets without a sledgehammer. But how do you select a finish for your decorative hardware that matches the cabinets you already have? We’ve broken down the four most popular wood finishes for cabinets and what decorative hardware they look great with!



Oak is popular because of its neutrality. The wood itself has obvious rings and knots; but is a medium tone so it’s never too drastic. Oak is also highly available, which makes it cheaper. Oak cabinets won’t be picked out by designers trying to make a radical statement, but its amiable qualities make the finish easy to match with wall colors, counter tops and cabinet hardware.

Oak can match with just about any cabinet knob finish. Because it pairs so readily, a lot of designers use that opportunity to get a little more daring with knob choices. So lots of oak cabinets are dressed with glass, lacquer or specialty finishes. It’s the perfect finish for someone with big hardware dreams.






Cherry has bold red undertones and is one of the most recognizable woods. It is more expensive than most cabinet finish options and can rarely be found in a veneer. But owners of cherry cabinets are returned with a solid, high quality material that will maintain its statement.

Because cherry cabinets have a louder voice, they’re often paired with quieter knobs. Cabinet knobs and pulls with brushed or satin finishes deliver this softer look. Antique English, Satin nickel and chrome would be especially popular with cherry finishes. Knobs that mimic the red of the wood are also big hits, so copper or rose gold pulls work well too. Cherry gives a more formal look, so hardware with some frills or more intricate detailing makes a nice compliment.






Maple wood is very light in color. So these cabinets could be stained to resemble any shade of wood. Often, maple is used with a quality stain to mimic other, more expensive grains. But more recently, the trend of light cabinets, has brought maple into kitchens as-is. This is a great look for a bright, modern kitchen or designers looking for a beachy feel.

Light cabinets take a back seat to the hardware they are finished with, so choosing the right kind is especially important here. Heavy, gold tones above a certain size could clash with such a light finish. But black or softer silver knobs would be a perfect pair. Maple is often decorated with Satin nickel, small brass hardware or something with a little pop of color.






Hickory wood has a grain like no other wood. The swirls, rings and knots change color through out its sheets; sporting a rustic, country look. Because of its distinct style, hickory finishes haven’t been on trend for a while. But with more people vying for industrial or rustic kitchens, hickory has come back.

This wood is best paired with knobs that mimic the style – rustic/country or industrial. So heavy, utilitarian fixtures shine with this finish. Remodelers looking for a more traditional look will find that slightly more formal knobs also work well. Iron, pewter, black and stone hardware works beautifully.