If you are you looking to create a unique space in your child’s bedroom or playroom to inspire creativity and fun, consider updating their cabinet hardware.  Several of Knob Deco’s cabinet hardware brands feature creative elements that will help transform a space into a positive development environment for a child of any age.

Child Themed Hardware

We have a large variety of child themed cabinet hardware pieces that will bring excitement to any child’s bedroom or playroom.  Many of the pieces are made with durable soft material to ensure safety.  The children’s cabinet knobs carried by Knob Deco include cartoon based designs of fun characters and shapes.  Great children designed hardware brands include Siro Designs and Laurey

Siro Design Fish KnobsSiro Designs Cat knobs











Siro Designs Butterfly Cabinet KnobSiro Designs  Impala Cabinet Buddha Knob

In your child’s young development years, why not surround them with these fun sizes, shapes, and items that they can use to develop them vocabulary and association skills?  

Thought Provoking Designs and Molds

If your child has a particular passion, Knob Deco probably has decorative hardware products to match.  For sports, outdoor, and animal enthusiasts, search our full line of products from Sierra Lifestyles, Big Sky Hardware, and Notting Hill Hardware. These beautifully molded cabinet knobs and pulls feature molds of natural settings and artistically crafted animals, and top quality cabinet pulls and knobs with sports themes.  

If you son or daughter is into cooking, or you are promoting healthy eating, consider adding some of the food themed cabinet hardware molds we offer into their bedroom or play space.  Surround them with fruits, vegetables, and other delicious garden products.  

              Notting Hill Decorative HardwareNotting Hill Decorative HardwareNotting Hill Decorative Hardware

Exciting Colors and Finishes

To brighten up your child’s space, you’ll find an wide variety of bright and exciting colors on www.knobdeco.com.  These bright decorative knobs and pulls will add energy to your child’s bedroom as they play with friends and study.  Some of the exciting colors include bright orange, red, green, blue, and more.  Incorporating these bright pieces into their bedroom will also easily help create a more modern and contemporary feel in their space as they develop.  

                   Notting Hill Decorative Hardware Baker Cabinet Knob Notting Hill Decorative Hardware Sentinel Escutcheon Plate

Select and Order Today!

Contact the Knob Deco customer service team today for help in picking out and ordering the right decorative cabinet hardware for your project.  Our customer service team members are excited to help you find the perfect set of hardware products for your project.