Your household is a kingdom and that should be reflected in even the smallest details. Adding some shine to your design scheme can make a huge difference, but for the sake of sticky fingers you should keep the crown jewels in the safe. Leave the cabinet hardware to us and enjoy some of our most glamorous pieces. These knobs and pulls will provide all the glitz of a Hollywood haven; without costing the kingdom.


Spherical Clear Crystal Knob

Let Alno Inc. add some glitz to your cabinets. This crystal ball won’t reveal the future, but it will tell everyone you know how to put together a glamorous space. Perfect for a dressing space or bath; this knob pulls drawers and heartstrings.



Round Clear Crystal Knob

Class should never be clunky. This cabinet pull has all the glitz of a flashbulb, but still works hard to maintain its figure. Slim and sleek, this pull will make opening your drawers or cabinets a lavish experience; unless of course you have staff to open them for you.


Crystal Octagon Cabinet Knob

Now this is a rock! Large, lovely and shining to the ends; this crystal will pick-up the smallest scrap of light and make them dance. An engagement ring gone huge -- you’ll have to remind yourself not to stare, but remembering your new favorite room in the house will be simple.


Square Inset Crystal Door Knob

Nothing knows glamour like the red carpet, and this crystal doorknob couldn’t be more of star. With modern lines and a dramatic dance of shining white stones and matte dark – Atlas Housewares has created a 5 star drama in just one knob. No worries, though – this one will always have a happy ending.


Sarovski Crystal Handle Pull

This magnificent pull couldn’t get more luxurious. These four Sarovski crystals are 1 inch x 1 inch and the clearest in the land. Fit for a queen, these palatial pulls could better any boudoir. Although you may now longer need the mirrors – you’ll just be staring at these babies instead.