You may get questions from time to time about why there are occasional variations in the shape and finish of Gado Gado Hardware, when some other manufacturers produce such uniform pieces.  The answer is, of course, that all of our hardware is individually hand cast and finished in Indonesia using the same techniques that were taught by the Dutch almost 500 years ago!  We believe that these characteristics are beautiful reminders of the craftsmanship that goes into each and every piece we offer and we want to make sure that your customer feels the same way.

Every piece starts as a carved wooden   prototype. For smaller pieces (knobs and pulls), the model is used to create an aluminum mold, which can be used for only a limited number of castings.  Our larger pulls are individually cast by the traditional “lost wax method".

lost wax method - aluminum molding & castings

Brass is melted down using a traditional forge before it is hand-poured into the mold.  Most of the metal is obtained from demolished colonial buildings and old ships, as well as brass recycled from previous projects.

demolished colonial buildings

After the pour, there is still much work to be done: every piece must receive a finish, and  every piece must have any rough edges filed down and smoothed before it is ready for finishing.  

This is also when detailed etching takes place on the more intricate pieces, and an overall quality check is performed.

rough edges filed down and smoothed

Hardened sand templates of Gado Gado minaret pulls made from an original carved mahogany template being carefully placed in casting sand prior to the casting (pouring of the molten brass).

Gado Gado minaret pulls

A whole wall full of Gado Gado Hardware molds, hanging up and waiting to be used.

Gado Gado Hardware molds, hanging up and waiting to be used.

molds, hanging up and waiting to be used

Creating the silica sand core for a large hourglass pull, to allow the center of the piece to be hollow.  The molten brass will replace the wax between the external sand mold and the internal core shown here.

Creating the silica sand core for a large hourglass pull

In order to make our signature living antique brass finish, each piece is dipped in 5 different solutions.  Once the piece has dried, it will be hand-polished, packed, and shipped to the USA, before it finally finds its way to your customer's door.

Once the piece has dried, it will be hand-polished, packed, and shipped to the USA

Gado Gado’s Hand Cast Manufacturing Process -

Knob Deco is excited to now offer Gado Gado cabinet hardware on our site.  Gado Gado is a premium, hand-made cabinet hardware manufacturer focusing on antique brass traditional and Asian styling pieces.  All of their cabinet hardware pieces are hand-made in Indonesia following a process that has been used for over 500 years!  If you want to incorporate fine, hand-made cabinet hardware into your home, you should be considering Gado Gado.

Design - Gado Gado offers a unique combination of traditional European and Asian-influenced hardware designs.  The process starts with a wooden model hand-carved in their Javanese workshop from plantation-grown mahogany.  Many of their unique surface bolts and pulls require several individual carved pieces and castings.

Molding and Casting - The carved wooden models are used to create aluminum molds, which are carefully placed in silica casting sand prior to casting.  Gado Gado’s larger and custom-designed pieces are individually cast using the lost wax method.

Once the mold has been created, brass is melted using a forge and hand poured into the mold.  The brass used in Gado Gado cabinet pulls and knobs comes from old ships, demolished colonial buildings and recycled brass from previous projects.  Even the materials within your cabinet hardware will have a story!

Finishing - Once the brass has settled and cooled, each piece goes through a hand-finishing process.  The pieces are sanded to remove any rough edges and to create a consistent and smooth touch.  For some of the finely carved pieces, additional etching is done after sanding to bring out the intricacy of the carved designs.


Finally, the Gado Gado cabinet and architectural hardware pieces are dipped into five different solutions to create their signature antique unlacquered brass finish.  After drying, each piece is individually polished and packaged for shipping to Gado Gado’s warehouse in Sebastopol, California.


Ordering & Shipment - The great thing about Gado Gado is that they stock nearly all of their popular cabinet hardware pieces in their traditional antique brass finish.  You can receive this fine, handcrafted cabinet hardware in about the same time other mass produced pieces.  Gado Gado also features a dozen other finish types for custom production projects by special order, and have the ability to create custom designed pieces to match your unique vision.

Order Gado Gado hardware through our website or customer service team today.