Cabinets knobs give a new look to your room in a jiffy! They catch the viewer’s eye and should be durable and also open the cabinet door smoothly. They are used frequently; hence often go through wear and tear so you might need to change them from time to time. The hardware often comes in a variety of textures, polishes and finishes, and installation can often be done on your own. You can buy new cabinet knobs matching your cabinet and can experiment with different variety that they come in the market.

Classic Solid Brass

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Keep these pointers in mind while buying cabinet knobs:

  • Don’t confuse between knobs and pulls

                        Mosaic Round Knob by Siro DesignsCabinet Pull        

  • Knobs are smaller, and can be installed at only one point where the knob meets the cabinet. Pulls are handles, and are often attached at two different points where the pull meets the cabinet. Choose one according to your taste and cabinet style. Normally, use pulls for large cabinets and knobs for smaller cabinets. 


  • The color and the shape  Look for metallic in glossy finishes, bold shapes, interesting sizes or retro satin metals if you want to go for a contemporary look. Select traditional knobs if you prefer an antique or classic style, like basic wooden ones or button shaped metallic ones. These days, knobs come in funky shapes like cartoon face or fruit. 


       Notting Hill Decorative Hardware Classic Weave/Cherry Cabinet Knob Antique Pewter Sierra Lifestyles Manatee Knob - Bronzed Black Big Sky Hardware Southwest Eagle Knob - Pewter Notting Hill Decorative Hardware Pearly Peapod Cabinet Knob Antique Brass Sierra Lifestyles Buffalo Skull Knob Gelding Cabinet Knob


  • Test the knobs  Test the knobs to make sure they feel comfortable in your hand. They shouldn’t be too small for your cabinet door, or you might find it in your hand while trying hard to open your cabinet door!! You will be pulling these knobs every time you need to get into a cabinet, so make sure they are easy to grab and pull.


  • Match the size of the cabinet knobs to the size of your cabinets  Hold one knob up to your cabinet before you purchase a whole set of cabinet knobs for all your cabinets. Make sure it is not disproportionate to the cabinet.


  • Know about the return policies  Many a times, even after taking enough care, measuring and matching, you may find out that the new cabinet knobs you purchased don’t fit or go well with your room’s cabinet. In a case like that, it’s the best option to return the knobs and get other ones instead of compromising and making do with them.


  • Look for used cabinet knobs to save money  You can find previously owned knobs at online store