BRASS VS. ZINC Cabinet Knobs and Cabinet Pulls – What’s the difference and which is right for me?


Two common metals you’ll find when shopping for decorative hardware are zinc and brass. You might not notice a difference by just looking at it, but if you pick it up, you’ll find the brass is heavier, more solid and more expensive than the cabinet hardware made from the zinc alloy. You will find too that brass cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls, which is approximately 67% copper and 33% zinc is 20%-80% more expensive than a comparable piece of zinc die cast hardware, due in part to the price of copper. But does that make it better for you? Not necessarily.

The vast majority of cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls on the market today are manufactured from die-cast zinc, but there are great selections of cabinet hardware manufactured from solid brass. We automatically think that something that feels full and substantial in our hands is going to be heavy and therefore better quality. But when you put it on your kitchen cabinet, you can’t feel the weight and if the finish is good enough you probably won’t be able to tell the difference.  Here at Knob Deco we have a variety of cabinet knobs and pulls in a variety of finishes and base metals to choose from.

Brass is very high quality, durable and great for strength in decorative hardware pieces that are perhaps not as complex. Zinc alloy is used to make more intricate shapes because it is easy to cast into complicated designs at a relatively low cost, making it ideal for items such as this cabinet hardware piece.

You also get consistent quality. Being able to recycle zinc alloys makes it environmentally friendly. From a wear perspective, both zinc and brass have great track records, but unless your solid brass has a durable finish on it, it will tarnish sooner than other cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls that only look like brass, or are brass plated

So whether your cabinet pull is made of zinc or brass, either way you know you are getting a quality cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls. Many manufacturers offer similar designs of cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls, so find one you like and see what your budget will afford. If you need help in your search to find a particular style or price range give our customer service center a call.