Cabinet Hardware Themes:  What style cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls Define you?

Whether you are upgrading your current suburban home with cabinet knobs or styling out your new urban condo with cabinet pulls, you will face the question: What cabinet hardware theme defines you?  Don’t worry, here at Knob Deco we understand the excitement and challenges that go along with answering the question.   There are thousands of different cabinet hardware knobs and cabinet pulls available on the market today and filtering through them all can be a headache.  Isn’t shopping online supposed to be easy?   Below is a list of a few popular themes we see from our Knob Deco customers each day. 

Traditional   There is nothing boring or cliché about traditional cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls.  In fact, here at Knob Deco some of our favorite cabinet pieces we sell are of the traditional variety.  Traditional cabinet hardware pieces provide a clean, warm feel to your home.  Black, Brass and white are a few of the most popular traditional finishes.  We recommend browsing traditional cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls made by Classic Brass, Top Knobs, Rusticware, Richelieu and Berenson Decorative Hardware.

Contemporary  If you’re the fashion forward type with a sense of style or just looking to refresh your kitchen with a fresh look contemporary cabinet hardware has your name on it.  Our Staff at Knob Deco even admit there is something sexy about being associated with the words ‘contemporary’ and ‘modern’.   Smooth curves, sharp edges and bold finishes are a few defining features of cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls.  We recommend satin nickel as an initial contemporary finish to check out.  Popular contemporary knobs and pulls brands on Knob Deco include Alno Inc, Atlas Homewares, Wer Designs, Forms + Surfaces and Valli Valli.

Value   When shopping for cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls on a budget rest assured you do not have to sacrifice style and quality.  Smart shopping and saving money is a big deal for most people browsing our Knob Deco product line.  Value cabinet hardware has been a focus for many manufacturers in the 21st Century and guess what:  magically quality and price found a happy meeting place.  In fact, Knob Deco sells more value cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls than anything else.  Simple in design, easy on the eye and quality that lasts is value cabinet hardware at its best.   Value brands include Liberty Hardware, Elements by Hardware Resources, Amerock and Hickory Hardware.

Artistic  An Artistic Cabinet Hardware Revolution?   Well, you likely will not be comparing your cabinet hardware selection to the Sistine Chapel but kitchen cabinet hardware creativity and artistry does continue to evolve and impress.  Just ask your contractor or interior designer:  Artistic cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls on the market today are plentiful.  You do not have to settle for a ‘round’ knob.  There are the ever popular artistic designs such as the Birdcage Pull, T-Knob, Wave Pull and curvy knob still on the market today.  There are also new crystal designs, animal knobs and pulls and floral themes to choose from.  The cabinet hardware artistic cupboard is as full as ever.  Here at Knob Deco we are excited for you to browse the various artistic cabinet knobs and pulls to choose from.  Artistic Brands we recommend include Notting Hill Decorative Hardware, Anne At Home, Sierra Lifestlyes, Sietto and Gayle Bright.


Now that you have some ideas for your cabinet hardware theme have fun browsing the variety of cabinet knobs and cabinet pulls here at Knob Deco. Give us a call at 1-888-566-2748, we would love to help you with your cabinet hardware shoppin