A crisp chill in the air, loved ones traveling near and far, and the rapidly emptying grocery store shelves -– there a hints of the season all around us; why not add some to your kitchen or bathroom decor!? You’d need more than one sitting to scarf your way through all the fall themed knobs and pulls we have in stock. So we’ve carved off a few of the choicest bites, to keep your cabinets as festive as your plate. Sit back, loosen your belt and enjoy this heaping helping of Thanksgiving themed cabinet hardware!


Sierra Lifestyles Turkey Knob


This bountiful bird had to be the first on our list. A Thanksgiving gathering is barely complete without a mention of the traditional fowl. You’ve probably had images of a succulent brown turkey passing through your mind all month; why not have them on your cabinets too? If you eat turkey on the big day, try to pull it out of the oven before it gets as tough as the Sierra Lifestyles Turkey Knob. But understand that this perfect portion is 100% vegetarian.


Anne at Home: Corn


Corn is one of the oldest additions to the Thanksgiving table. It’d be a shame to not have some hanging around your kitchen when it comes time to pass plates. This corn is just as gold as you may want, but not quite as sweet. The cabinet pull is as tough as they come, so it will be hanging around your kitchen even longer than your mother-in-law -- though that may not seem possible.

MNG Hardware Potato Knob


Another vegetable to don your table, the potato is one of the most versatile foods out there! Likewise, this knob is one of our most diverse on the list, simply because it doesn’t constantly remind you of a potato. Decorators who don’t want their cabinet hardware modeled after food would be just as happy with this lovely, organically shaped knob. Whether your design scheme is more country, classic or au gratin – it’s all gravy with this studly spud.


Liberty Hardware Pumpkin Knob


On to dessert! Pumpkin pie is good enough to be shared across tables year-round. But once autumn falls, pie lovers all agree that this good gourd is worth the wait. Pumpkins never go out of style as a way to make your mantle or dinning table festive. Picking a patch of these knobs takes things one-step further. But these knobs will also suit your space year-round, so there’s no need to worry about ripeness.

Premier Hardware Napa Valley Grape Pull

You can’t sink your teeth into all this delicious décor without having something to wash it down.  While wine won’t be found in a cornucopia, I’m confident a bottle still rolls it’s way across most thankful tables. This beautiful, grape garnished pull is the perfect way to channel vineyard living.  And you won’t have to wait for it to ferment, just for us to ship it. Cheers to that!


Whether you can’t wait to pull your guests together, or you think they’re a bunch of knobs; we at Knob Deco hope you all have a few great people to sit down and enjoy a Thanksgiving meal with, Happy Holidays!