Making sure you have your cabinet knobs and pulls in the sizes you need is the most important thing to consider when shopping for cabinet hardware. There are a few key things you should know about measuring cabinet knobs and pulls, and choosing sizes for your cabinets and drawers.

 How To Measure Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

Measurement Terms


When shopping for cabinet pulls, you'll see the term C-C, CC or Cc. This stands for “center to center”, which refers to the measurement from one base to another. This measurement will help you get an exact measurement for how far apart to space the drill holes. The actual length of the pull might be slightly longer than the C-C measurement.



For example, this recessed pull by Richelieu Hardware has a measurement of 90 mm Cc. That means the width from screw to screw is 90 mm, or 9 cm.


Pay Attention to Stanard and Metric


Depending on the brand and where they are manufactured, the measurement might either be in metric measurements (millimeters, centimeters, etc) or standard measurements (inches). Be sure to note which measurement system each piece is using, so you can get an accurate measurement,.


Average Sizes


The average size for cabinet knobs is around 1 to 2 inches, or 2 ½ to a little over 5 centimeters in diameter or width. This size is standard because it's the most comfortable size to grab for most people's hands.


Under 1 inch is considered to be small for a cabinet knob. These might be desirable for a set of small drawers or small cabinets, or if the style you want only comes in a size under 1 inch in diameter.



The Amerock ¾ inch Allison Knob, which is considered small for a cabinet knob, but will still work for many projects.


The average size for cabinet pulls is between 3 inches (almost 8 cm) to 6 inches long (a little over 15 cm).


If you go shorter than 3 inches for a cabinet pull, they may be harder for some people to grip comfortably. It also depends on where the bases of the pull are located. If there is one base in the center, this makes it easier to grab onto a short cabinet pull.


The larger sizes of cabinet pulls, 6 inches and longer, can be used for wide drawers. You can also install them near the bottom corner of tall wall cabinets. Longer pulls look great in the sleek, modern styles, and add their own shape and geometry to cabinets and drawers.