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Berenson Decorative Hardware is a family-run company which has been supplying architects, designers, cabinet manufacturers and home owners with stylish and quality hardware since the 1950s. Over the years, the Buffalo, New York-based brand has established a nationwide reputation for style, design and quality. It also established a reputation for delivering high quality at very competitive prices. The Berenson Decorative Hardware reputation has enabled the brand to build a long-term relationship with a highly diverse base of customers and made it one of the most trusted hardware suppliers in North America.

Styles to Complement Any Decor. Berenson Decorative Hardware offers an outstanding selection of styles to suit just about any decor taste and complement. From sleek contemporary style, to timelessly elegant transitional shapes and profiles, and always fashionable traditional and classic styles, the brand has thought of everything and everyone. It even has great offerings for those looking for original and unique style. The Buffalo-headquartered hardware supplier also offers artisan inspired, hand crafted-like designs which create a very special effect and a very special atmosphere.

Selection of Finishes to Blend in Perfectly with Any Design, Style and Color. With over 70 different finishes to choose from, Berenson Decorative Hardware solutions are easy to mix and match with just about any design, style and color. Berenson Decorative Hardware finishes include polished nickel, vintage nickel, oil rubbed bronze, rustic tin, satin nickel, polished brass, stainless steel, crystal, polished gold, ceramic, and more. The selection of finishes is truly impressive.

Lasting Beauty and Functionality. The company doesn't only produce beautiful and functional hardware products but it also produces hardware products that last for years to come. To ensure lasting beauty and functionality, every product is made from the highest quality materials by adhering to the highest manufacturing standards.

Product Lines/Brands. The hardware supplier has currently 80 product collections which are organized into several sub-collections based on their style. Some of the best known and desirable collections include Tempo, Advantage Plus series, Largo, American Craftsman, Concord, Lexington, Atlantis and Plymouth, to mention only a few.