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Cal Crystal is one of the most popular glass and crystal hardware brands in North America. Offering an extensive selection of glass and crystal knobs, pulls, bath accessories and other bits and pieces for kitchen and bathroom, the California-based brand caters for the needs of both furniture industry and private individuals no matter if they are looking for stand-out pieces to make a statement or fine cabinet hardware to blend in with the rest of the decor. But it also caters for the needs of those who are not only looking for form but function too as every product is designed to be just as practical it is good looking.

Countless Shapes and Colors to Choose From. The brand offers an endless selection of shapes and colors which makes its glass and crystal hardware products easy to mix and match with just about any style and decor in both kitchen and bathroom. Round, rectangular, transparent, blue, green, red, violet, ... there is a perfect knob, pull and other hardware items for any taste.

Centerpiece or Blend-In. Cal Crystal hardware products often serve as centerpieces, catching the eye with their unique look that transforms even the simplest and plainest cabinets into highly decorative and aesthetically appealing pieces of furniture. But there is also an extensive line of highly elegant and slightly less attention-grabbing designs which are intended to blend in with the surroundings and complement the existing style and color/color combinations.

Functionality at Its Best. While being designed to provide maximum style, Cal Crystal hardware is also designed to provide maximum functionality. No matter if being made from glass, crystal or brass, in round or rectangular shape, as cup pull or traditional handle, all are designed to be convenient. And all are designed to look as beautiful as new for many years to come.

Product Lines/Brands. The California-based brand offers a wide range of glass and crystal hardware products for kitchen and bathroom. Its line of products also includes a wealth of unique bathroom accessories and brass knobs, pulls and backplates in a variety of styles and designs.