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Forms+Surfaces has been one of the global leaders in design and manufacture of a wide range of products for both indoor and outdoor use for nearly five decades. The company is committed to creating innovative yet practical and visually appealing, high performance, reliable and environmentally friendly products which can be customized to meet specific needs and environments. Combined with groundbreaking approach to design, and the use of advanced materials and state-of-the-art technology, this commitment enabled the brand to build a worldwide reputation for excellence and quality.

A Unique Blend of Innovation and Performance. What makes products of this brand stand out the most is a unique blend of innovation and performance. No matter if it is architectural surface, door pull, information display, planter, bike rack or any other product and no matter if it is intended for an office, hotel, restaurant, healthcare center, airport, park or other setting, each and every single product is made to improve quality of life in a particular place/setting in terms of both aesthetics and usability. This is because each and every product is made to be just as useful/practical as it is good-looking.

The Best Materials, Highly Skilled Professionals and High-End Technology. Forms+Surfaces products are made to last. They are made from the best materials by highly skilled professionals using high-end technology and equipment in the companys cutting-edge manufacturing facilities in the United States and India.

Environmental Responsibility. In addition to designing and manufacturing innovative yet high-performance and durable products, the brand is also putting a lot of effort into minimizing its impact on the environment. This is achieved by focusing on environmentally-friendly materials such as FSC Certified woods, stainless steel, recyclables and other sustainable materials, and environmentally friendly manufacturing.

Product Lines/Brands. Forms+Surfaces product lines includes architectural surfaces, walls and wall panels, doors and door pulls, railing systems, elevator doors and interiors, benches, chairs, tables, planters, litter & recycling, signage, information displays, columns, bike racks, lighting and more. All are characterized by modern and stylish design but there is also a rich selection of more classic yet highly elegant models.