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Launched in the mid-1990s, Top Knobs became the top selling decorative hardware brand in the United States and the rest of North America in a matter of a few years. The secret of the company's rapid success lies in quality materials, craftsmanship excellence and unbeatable selection of designs, styles and finishes, making the brand's cabinet knobs, handle pulls and bath hardware a perfect choice for every kitchen and bathroom.

Premium Quality. Every knob and handle pull is made from the highest quality materials according to the highest quality craftsmanship standards. As a result, the brand's hardware products don't only look beautiful but they remain beautiful for decades. Confident in durability and lasting beauty of its hardware, the company offers a Lifetime Warranty on all its products (the Warranty applies to the original purchaser for material and craftsmanship defects).

Top Design and Unparalleled Attention to Detail. The brand's products are made to suit even the most exquisite tastes. Designed in both contemporary and traditional styles with unparalleled attention to detail, Top Knobs hardware is also made to provide maximum functionality and convenience. Thus all knobs feature pins to prevent spinning.

Endless Choice of Styles and Finishes. Eager to suit just about everyone's taste for style and beauty, the brand has over 20 product collections, each of which offers an exclusive style with up to 150 variations and multiple finishes to choose from. Contemporary, traditional, ultra-modern, timelessly elegant, ... there is a knob and handle pull to match just about any kitchen and bathroom decor.

Best Value. Premium quality products usually come with premium prices. But not Top Knobs products. Even though they are made from the highest quality materials according to the highest quality manufacturing standards, and on top of this, individually hand-inspected before packaging, they all come with very competitive price tags.

Product Lines/Brands. The company currently has 23 product collections with each collection consisting of up to 150 products. These are predominantly kitchen knobs & handle pulls, and bath hardware but the brand also offers other types of decorative hardware and various accessories. Some of the best known collections are Mercer Collection, Sanctuary Collection, Chareau Collection and Aspen Artisan Collection, to mention only a few.