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Topex Hardware is an internationally recognized high-end hardware brand which is supplying the global market with the finest quality cabinet hardware and bath accessories. All products - available in a wealth of styles - are designed to add class and glamor to the home, and at the same time, increase comfort and convenience. To deliver the products to its international customers within the shortest time possible, the brand has warehouses in many countries all over the world including the United States where its impressive collections of knobs, pulls, bath accessories and other products are stocked in New Jersey.

Maximum Style and Beauty. Topex Hardware products are designed to provide maximum style and add an extra appeal and beauty to the home. Traditional, classic, transitional, contemporary, ultra-modern, the brand offers a selection of knobs, pulls and other hardware pieces for all tastes including the most exquisite ones. For the most sophisticated tastes, the brand offers a splendid collection of hardware and bath accessories with Swarovski Crystals and spectacular finishes.

Superior Quality Craftsmanship Featuring European Sense for Beauty. The entire line of products is made in Europe where there is hundreds of years of tradition and experience in hardware manufacturing as well as high craftsmanship standards. Combined with the unique European sense for beauty, this gives the brand's products a unique appeal and character.

Unrivaled Attention to Detail. The company insists on the highest level of attention to detail for two reasons. The first reason is because each and every piece is not just a knob, pull, etc. Instead, it is a decorative piece which is intended to add style and class to any home and decor. Therefore, each and every single piece must look perfect. The second reason why the company puts so much emphasis on detail is to ensure that its pieces continue to look perfect. For many years to come. As a result, there is no toleration for imperfections no matter how small and irrelevant they may appear.

Product Lines/Brands. Topex Hardware line of products includes a huge selection of cabinet knobs and pulls featuring two Swarovski Crystal Collections and a fine selection of bath accessories.