Amerock in Family Circle magazine

Friday, Oct 28 2016

How kewel, Family Circle magazine recently featured Essential'Z Bar Pulls from one of our great suppliers, Amerock, in an article about a functional and attractive kitchen. If you like this homey yet clean look, you can shop the collection here, and have fun!

Nostalgia is not just for the Movies

Saturday, Oct 22 2016

From this warehouse in Denver to the sets of some of my favorite movies in Hollywood! We visited Nostalgic Warehouse, and met the great minds behind their stunning array of vintage doorknobs. I was thrilled to find out that some of the Nostalgic Warehouse pieces we offer at were assembled here to create specific looks for movies like Sommersby, Men in Black, Vampire Diaries and more.

Just regular people at work in America, making magic for your home. And the movies.

When is a doorway a work of art?

Friday, Sep 30 2016

When is a doorway a work of art?

One of the hottest looks in interior design today is the barn door, and with good reason. You can create a stunning focal point for almost any room, from traditional to minimalist. is proud to announce we are the exclusive on-line dealer for the Rustica Hardware Ironwood line of interior sliding doors, made right here in America. These American artisans produce the unique look and smooth functionality you need. And their patented spacer system means you can confidently use them in new construction or when remodeling an older home.

 Whether designed into tiny homes or grand entryways, hand-crafted barn doors from Rustica Hardware's Ironwood line are the answer to a builder's dream.



In Aspen, round door knobs help keep bears out of the kitchen

Saturday, Sep 3 2016

 It might make a funny scene in a movie, but having a hungry bear in your house is no joke.

That's why the county that includes Aspen, Colorado requires round door knobs instead of lever-style door latches on the exterior of new homes in all wildlife habitat areas. Ever been to Aspen? It's pretty much all wildlife habitat, as is Montana, even semi-rural parts of New Jersey, New York, California, and many other states.

 As a precaution, recommends you consider the presence of hyperphagic bears (really really hungry, very powerful creatures who will do almost anything for a 20,000 calorie fix) when you look at your exterior front and back doors.

 And we have some solutions. Stylish round door knobs to help keep your family safe in bear country. Plus thousands more round, latch, and lever-style knobs for your doors and cabinets at



Coming Soon To The Callie Family of Pulls from Jeffrey Alexander

Friday, Aug 26 2016

Coming soon to KnobDeco, The Callie Family of pulls from Jeffrey Alexander offers a sophisticated, streamlined style that will enhance any modern or contemporary space.  Callie's clean lines and subtle curves not only make the family look great but also feel great in your hand. 

Steep Discounts on Great Products!

Sunday, Dec 6 2015

We know you need to save your money, and getting some great new cabinet knobs or pulls shouldn't break your bank. That's why we offer a huge selection of our best and some of our post popular styles of home hardware at steep discounts! You also can't skip over the styles you need for your home, and you shouldn't need to sacrifice quality either when browsing through our selection of discounted home hardware. You'll find many prices have been rolled back on the cabiner knobs and other home hardware that you'll love!

Replace Your Plain Old Vent Registers with These Designs

Saturday, Dec 5 2015

If you're just looking to replace your floor registers because they are old and dingy, there are many different designs you can choose from. There are the designs that look a lot like what you'd picture floor vents to look like, if you need or want a standard look. There are also plenty of cool shapes, designs and finishes that would look great in your home. We have a style and a color for every need, and we'd love to show you a whole world of possibilities in this often overlooked piece of home hardware.

Brand Spotlight: The Earthy Look of Michigan Naturals

Friday, Aug 21 2015

This cabinet hardware brand couldn't be any more “made in the USA” – these cabinet knobs are literally rocks found on the shores of lakes in Michigan! They aren't just pieces that were texturized and painted to resemble real rocks.  

How To Measure Cabinet Knobs and Pulls

Friday, Aug 21 2015

Making sure you have your cabinet knobs and pulls in the sizes you need is the most important thing to consider when shopping for cabinet hardware. There are a few key things you should know about measuring cabinet knobs and pulls, and choosing sizes for your cabinets and drawers.  

Brand Spotlight: Sugatsune's Modern Style

Friday, Aug 7 2015

Sugatsune is a Japanese brand that carries a great range of different types of hardware, with an overall style theme of modern uniqueness. If you check out some of Sugatsune's collections, you'll see that their home hardware looks like it belongs in a stylish skyrise apartment in the city, or a great modern office.  

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